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Father in Heaven
It's been awhile and I'm sorry for that. I have no excuses. I may try to excuse my lack of servitude and sin, but I can't honestly do that anymore. Something needs to change. I am weighed down by so many things! I need Your help in freeing me from them! I know I can't accomplish anything without You. That's not me being humble... It's me stating the facts. I truly am nothing.
Father I need to release some things to You. I can't carry them on my soul any longer. I give these things to You for You to deal with because I am not strong enough.
Father, it isn't fair what guys have done to me! All the pain and sorrow and guilt I have felt due to my experiences with them! It's not fair I feel so guarded. It's not fair that I'm so afraid to open up to a guy. It's not fair that I'm afraid to date. It's not fair that I think I'm undesirable. So many things with B were not fair! It's not fair he cheated on me, lied to me, used me, manipulated me and then turned everything around on me making me feel guilty! It's not fair he played with my heart for three years! It's not fair he told me his feelings for other girls. It's not fair that he gave me guilt trips for wanting him out of my life. None of it was fair! I haven't dated another guy since him! That relationship did so much damage to me, Father.
So I surrender all that unfairness to You. I ask in Your son's name, Jesus Christ, that You free me of these injustices, banishing them from weighing me down, releasing me from their burden, and replacing them with Your glorious love and peace.
I humbly thank You, Father. In Jesus Holy name, I pray, amen.

by katerina

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Know just one thing that some man are selfish. But how they act is never your fault. As a man I want to apologies for the other man who really hurting girls by just thinking about thereself. I hope the Lord will give you the healing you need.

Anonymous | on Jan 03, 2014

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