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My dear Father in Heaven
Thank you so much for Your Son! He is so good and gracious and just. You have blessed me with many great things, and I sincerely thank you for them.
Father, I have so much built up inside of me, and I can't handle it all anymore. I'm too weak, but I know You are strong. I know You and Your Son feel the pain along with me. I have to give things up to you. I can't control them or see their purpose, but You can.
Father, I surrender to You that I get stressed when my mom complains to me at times because I feel like she wants me to fix the problem or deal with it for her. I can't. Sometimes I feel I'm her mother and she's my daughter. It's put a great deal of stress on me for many years. I surrender to You that I stress out when I feel helpless, when I worry about whether or not I will be successful in life. I surrender to You the fact I stress daily about my looks. It hurts me. Father, I surrender to You that I stress over all the things I obsess over and think about, and then the stress stresses me out more because I know I'm stressed and I shouldn't be stressing, but yet I am. It's a vicious cycle! Also, I surrender to You to handle, the stress I feel wondering if others like me or approve of me or think highly of me. I can be a control freak. So I also surrender to You this day how I will stress out so bad when I have loss of control.
Father, take these stresses from me, cast them out in Your Son's name, Jesus! Fill the place they were in my life with Your joy and peace, my Lord. Thank you, Father. I'd be so lost without You.
In Jesus very holy name, I pray and thank you, amen.

by god's daughter

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