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I really enjoy prayers to share because i dont feel so alone anymore

by veronica

I really love it... I feel as if this is God's way of telling me he is here with me & listening to me, bcuz I didn't think he was until I found this.

by sandra

Amazing app. A way to pray, pray for others, and have others pray for your prayers too.

by Santos

The best app.....I cried when I read some this app!!!

by Alex

Wow.. never seen an app like this.. i use it as much as i text!!! Thx developer!

by Elizabeth

Love this app! Developer does great updates often, making it even better.

by Jennifer

This application has helped me pray better. I know that sounds silly, but it has.

by Chris

This is the most valuable software I have seen on the market.

by Abi

Very good app i give it five stars god bless every one

by kevin

I love this app already and I just installed in! Thank u so much! It gives me hope and strength!

by jessica

A blessed app, share with others the power of prayer.

by Ramon


by Teresa

Wow....finding this today was heaven sent.

by smith

Love this! Thank you for giving us the power of prayer

by Jessica

It's a blessed & powerful communication between our Lord Jesus Christ & all believers. Thank you.

by Steve

Its awesome to be able to connect this way n prayer. God knows we don't pray enough as it is...

by Darren

Very uplifting & Inspirational! Nice to be able to post ur own prayers & save them as well as comment on prayers & read comments posted on ur prayers.

by lisa

Great app! It helps me get through my day.

by Libra

What a great app! A prayer journal that you can share with the world and see that others are praying for you. Keep the updates and ideas coming.

by Matthew

What a wonderful way for us to connect and pray for each other. It's confidential so people get my first name only (You don't even have to put that) and such an encouragement to know and see others are praying for me. Great idea and great app.

by Sugar is Sweet

A simple, beautiful app. I cried when i saw what others shared. Great job!!!

by Dan

This app is excellent. The access to the prayer line makes it worth every penny.

by Nbafreak77

Beautiful, just what I needed. Thanks.

by Angela

what a beautiful and uplifting app. thank you for making this possible.

by angel

So encouraging, download it!

by denis

There is power in prayer and this inspires you to pray more. God blesses us when we pray for others. Thank you for developing this. It works great.

by Roxanneswindow2

The best prayer app we can all pray together AWESOME LOVE IT

by mark

I really love this app.Im not much of a church goer or prayer but this app motivates and let me be closer to God and touch ppl through anonymous text.

by lacey

This application is great! It feels great to know people care & it feels great to do it! Especially from strangers, I love the support goin on! :)

by Mariya

I love this app! It's so powerful to know that people from all over are lifting each other up in prayer. What a blessing!

by Pam

I love this app. Works well... simple yet powerful. It's comforting to see others praying with you and being able to pray for them.

by Jennifer

Absolutely Brilliant... I love this app.. Thank you and God bless all!

by Jeffery

Best app ever! Whoever thought of this is a genius! I can pray for people all over the world for their specific needs. a must have app!!

by jennifer

I think its great to be able to go to a place where u can keep ur prayers recorded. And to be able to share them is great.

by stella

This is a awesome app don't get any better than this!

by nicole

This app is just so great...i love the fact that u cn have ur prayers wit u so u cn pray wenever & wherever. I love it 5 stars!!

by Shay

I love this app! I will look forward to updates! It's helping me to pray more! God bless u!

by Ninous

A way to connect with others in the body of Christ in a huge way, all over the world! Blessing be on he that has developed this application.

by Ebony

Thank you, Dev, for making this app. God bless you and yours.

by R

This is a very good app its good to see how many ppl believe and pray to Jesus

by Michelle

This is an excellent outlet for me it helps me get everything out n b able 2 read what others r feeling thanks a lot!

by Monique

thank you for this. God bless this application.

by Brenda