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Hello everybody !!! Hello Stylz, God bless you, i read your comment and now i believe it! I was crying all this time like 2 1/2 months cause my wife kickme out of my house, she was talking to another man, someone saw her kissing some guy in the church, she is seeing a lawyer to fill out for divorce, and she doesnt let me see my daughters, but you know what people? Now im haaaaappppy whyy? 'Cause God cares about me, amen!! I believe what styls said, God has something great for my life, but i got it now, my mistake was that my wife was alwayas in first place, and not God! How could i do that? Forgive me Lord, forgive me now im gonna put you in the first place in my life like it was suppose to be, thank you Lord for opening my eyes, thank you Lord, i love you Lord, i praise your name, i declare your majesty holy God, thanks a lot my Lord and savior, i was in prayer today at church, and i felt stronger than ever, a brother from church had a vision, where he is going for something similar to me, but he has 1 year already in this situation, his wife left him too, but God is dealing with him a lot, and in his vision, he was inside a big big oven, but somebody was saying the door is opening, and somebody else was with him, i believe i was cause im in the same situation, i believe God is molding us with fire cause all this hurts a lot, but i inderstand that God cares about me ! Ajua! Thank you Lord, you r with me Lord, thanks, my wife is in your hands, my daughters are in your hands beautiful Lord, my marriage is in you hands, if your will is to restore my marriage, praise the Lord, if not, praise the LOrd forever, now i wanna concentrate in serving God and putting him in first place, my petition Lord is that you give me my family back, my beautiful wife cause she is the woman that i love alot like crazy, but you know if she is for me, change her please, bless her, take her of her, tell her i still love her, but Lord, i want your will on me, gracias senor, thank you lord, i love you lord, i feel so much joy in my hearth now, a lot, that i wanna shout of joy, thanks Lord cause you are thinking of me, thannnnnnnk yoooououuuuu Lord , have somethiing for me, and i know is not time yet for me to get out of that big oven, cause you need to mold me more, yes it hurts a looot, but if you are with me it doesnot care cause you re taking care of me, thank you Jesus, thank you holy spirit.......

by JCC

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