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Please pray for me, i need God forgiveness, and i want to be positive where im going to if something happens to me. I was fighting for my marriage, i was asking for prayer cause my wife kick me out of my house, and after that i found out she was talking and texting with other guy, I put her on the hands of the Lord, but today something happened. i love my wife and if she calls me im there for her, even she kick me out of my house,she called me and i went to my house with her, but when i was there i found a message from that guy, so i couldnt hold it, i'been praying so God could give me strenght to accept the fact that she is with somebody else, but i couldnt ! And i asked my wife for explanations, but she didnt care, when i walked out the door, i forgot my phone and i went back to the house, and i found her talking to that guy, telling him that i found out the texts messages, i couldnt hold it cause it was a conversation like 2 people inlove, and i called the guy right away cause i was mad, he didnt answer, but my still wife got mad and she went to withdraw our daughters from school cause she told me she was gonna go away and i could never seen my daughters again. i had to call the police, but it didnt help, she had a restriction order against me and i didnt even know it. Now, the police told me she can go away if she wants cause we are not divorced, i been received messages from that guy almost telling me that he is gonna killme , now i dont know where my wife and my daughters are, she doesnt call me at all, and my wife called the protective dept to get restriction orders to keep me away from her, i dont know how or why this is happening to me, all i been trying to do is to serve God, and keep my family together! I had beg her, i had ask her for another chance, and i havent done anything wrong, all i have done is to love her a lot! I wont see my daughters again!! And i lost my wife forever! Why Lord! Heeeeellp meeeee! I feel alone, open her eyesssss pleaseeeee! Forgive me for getting mad and call that guy, but she is my wife i have to fight for herrr! Forgive me Lorrd! Brothers i dont feel like going to church no more, i know, im not conditioning God, is that i just feel a big depresion and i dont know what to do, i dont want a call my wife cause she is not gonna answer and maybe she 'll call the police that im bothering her, help pleaseeeee! If that guy do something to me, i want to be sure and positive that my Lord is gonna forgive me and that i have a chance to be with my Lord. God bless you everybody!!

by Anonymous

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Kept praying that God is listen. Am going through what you are. My husband left me for another girl he found on an app and he is with me but I think he is still talking to her. I know that God will hear our prayer. Don't stop going to church. You need God and the church can help you a lot. I will have you in my prayers. God please listen to his prayer almighty! He needs you to touch his wides heart and understand that he married this man until death. Please hold him and love him. In Jesus name I proclaim healing in this marriage, Amen.

Nora | on Feb 03, 2010

God Bless You brother, you are in my prayers! Trust in the Lord with all your heart, seek & you will find, knock & the door will be opened onto you! Jesus Loves You, so do we all!

Chosen | on Feb 03, 2010

Thanks for you prayers, it been 2 days and I still don't know where my wife and my daughters are, but thank you very much for your prayers,, you don't have the idea how knowing you are praying for my marriage gives me strenght. Thanks a lot and my God bless you a lot.

JCC | on Feb 04, 2010

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