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Lord, thanks for everything, i know im always asking for your help, but who else can i go to? You are the only one who can help me. I wanna ask you, for healing of my spirit, peace in my hearth, cause you know how i ve been suffering, how i try to be strong, but those moments of desperation come to me, in those moments i feel getting crazy, cryng and i want to shout to let all this pain go away from me, like right now, please help me, help me lord, i still cant accept what happened to me, i still cant accept that i lost my family, my beautiful wife, i still love her a lot, i cant hold all this pain in my hearth, it hurts, it burns, it makes me feel week, without any desires of continue with my life, help me please, i miss her a lot, i miss my daughters, i know i have to move on but its haard! Please heal me, give strenght, give me peace, i feel so alone......

by JCC

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I am not sure what you are going thru but I have recently gone thru similar things. I am reading a book that helps me called "Getting Past Your Breakup" by Susan Elliot. It talks about loss thru divorce and even death. I hope it can help you. I will pray for peace for you. God Bless.

Prayful | on Feb 09, 2010

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