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Please pray for me,still feel isolated but theres a like strong fighter in me so confussed as 2 what god is doin with me..i think i heard him say the other day just write but i wanna hear gods voice so bad i think im mind battle, oh my god and sex,wanting and im prayin like crazy not married dont do i ventin or prayin! Who cares? if all are my sis and bros in christ i can be personal cause they needed prayer2 still i need jesus and dont care how foolish i look..i dont have power2take nobody else wit me no matter what side so hey its jesus i wanna please...i miss the pray for my strength there! Gettin the job that god designed me4..i feel so heavy i prayed for a specific miracle durin the bet awards last year..i had saw wyclef and alicia get the humanitarian award.and haiti was put in my spirit.and i was cring and i made a a vow and asked god if hed give me this miracle id go2haiti and save 10,000folk for him. Dilima havent gotten the miracle i cant get2haiti.i want to go help but i cant get there,ive been on edge wonderin if jesus is mad at me! You know scripture says its better2not make a vow 2god than2make 1and dont do it...cnt remember where that is but i know i know it...funny somethings u know u know somethings and others u like much strength did jesus have,we created in his likeness so dag jesus gave a long wind..just when you think you have taken all you can take one more thing hits you and just when u throwin in towel ur burst of energy comes..see my lil mind cant wrap around how jesus suppose2jus trust,but comin from so much pain in ur back ground,we kinda folk tend2 if we didnt see it feel it touch it,or have had a glimpse of it tend2not believe it...u know many wont tell that truth..see im tryna really learn gods ways and get so frustrated when i do wrong even when i know right! Does that make me saved? C i have so many questions for god yet i believe so much of theword! Omg like oh god i cant keep my head leveledthat scares me! Like what if i get2heaven and have stupid thoughts or wonder some crap like am i dreamin ill have2fight angles or ill get a spankin cause i am gods daughter right?yea! Im stuck at why do the devil want me so bad and why god wants me have he equipped me wit something so great or is it nothin all in my head...see pray4me yall i need it..real prayers,if u feel like i do u cant pray4me cause we fighting same battle and can a demon cast out a demon? prayers please...

by keyta

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