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God i feel so empty! I feel lost! I feel like you are so far from,maybe because im not perfect or because ive screwed up so even puzzled why you would make a person like me and penalize me for being that person! I am the person you made me! Why punish me 4 your doing. Im not goin2church2day.cause i sit there and ask myself why? Why am i here? Do you really have a plan 4me or have this life of me been only2advance your real children? I just dont know? I dont feel saved! I ask you everyday2talk2me and i hear nothing! Why? Another reason i dont think you ever made this christian thing say your sheep knows your voice....umm i dont hear aanything... ive read all your promises2me....why arent they pannin out? Youd rebuke the being ate alive and your watching,with a blind eye! And you say serve you inspite of...thats faith,well dontcha think its hard as hell having that kinda faith..i dont knw bout others but for me its hard! I dont know what im asking you really i dont i just know i need your help.i wanna be a peter a paul a job a ruth one of them.i feel like job..only difference in he and i is that ive cursed you...he wouldnt but i did... i feel like you really dont see me as your child...outcast..and it loneely its isolating! I dont so close2saying **** gone do what you want anyway..who am i? So dont know if im prayin or just venting? So hey big guy help me out......

by keyta

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What you wrote is a good move honey. My life has been filled with misery and pain but the only reason why I'm still standing is because I know God us preparing me for something great. Don't ever give up on him.

debfrazier | on Jan 17, 2010

God doesn't put more on you than you ca bear. Just believe in his word and never give up. He may not come when you want him but he's always on time. Remember do not give up on his word cause he'll never give up on you. Forever in my prayers.

JoJoBlu08 | on Jan 17, 2010

Hun, I know how u feel. I tried killing myself . But god made me live ; I would be dead if it weren't for this love for us!

brittany wynn | on Jan 17, 2010

Hey buddy hang in there I feel ur pain. That's what the devil wants u to do is give up. When ur down to nothing god is up to something so don't think he's not listening he is an u asked for JOB that's deep an the lord gave it to u an you don't even know it. The devil has to get permission from god to do anything to his children an ur one of them so stay blessed in the name of jesus amen!!!

GS1 | on Jan 17, 2010

I know how you feel. At my lowest point I yelled at God also. But with a little faith left I delved more into his word and spoke with other christians about it. And, guess what? The reason why you feel this way is because God wants you to learn something. And he will keep teaching what it is he wants you to learn until you learn it. God doesn't let you move on to bigger and better things unprepared. We just need to get out of our own way and let God lead. Remember, church is where he wants us to gather to worship and have feelowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. But the real church where we really grow with God is in our heart. He has given you the desire to know him but now you need to seek him.

Keep your faith and persever through these times. God loves having heart felt conversation with us.

By his grace | on Jan 17, 2010

I know it seems like God doesn't listen sometimes but try to remember Gods timing is not ours. He knows what's best we have to just pray and be patient and wait on the Lord. Keep praying and have faith that he has a plan for you in good time. Chin up. I will be praying for you.

Prayful | on Jan 17, 2010

Try to beat the devil. If u say **** God then the devil wins. When the devil wins, your life will surely be miserable. Who r u not to go through pain and suffering ? We all do at different times. But I guarantee there is someone worst off than u. How about starting off by being grateful for the small things such as having the ability to share your prayers with others/strangers that want to encourage u. Believe it or not, there r still people out there without cell phones and pc's to mingle with believers. Hang in there and know that U were chosen to go thru your mess. Wait patiently in line for your miracle. Its coming!

RR | on Jan 17, 2010

Keep pressing into Him and alow the Holly Spirit to work through you to bless others with a kind word or deed. Con tinue to give thanks for what you do have.

Sam | on Jan 17, 2010

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