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Dear lord. Please help me make it threw today. My hours are being cut next week and everything is going wrong. I am tired of living like this my kids deserve better than me. I am very useless if I can't make money. Please just take me out of this horrible world. I hate it here and hate my life. Please help my mom make it through surgery tomorrow. I can't go because my I don't have a driver license. Thank you. AMEN.

by patty

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The lord don't put no more on you you then you can bear

Anonymous | on Jan 07, 2010

Life is precious and god won't put more on you than you can handle ya blessins are comin now is wen you should trust him the most I'm prayin for you and your family my sister

Breal | on Jan 07, 2010

I am not praying that pray. I am praying that God touches your heart and removes these thoughts of despair. May you trust Him and not doubt. God has a purpose for you here on earth. Learn to yield to his will trust and believe. Don't give up on youself but mostly don't give up on God.

Christian4life | on Jan 07, 2010

Thank. You for your comments. They do make someone like me feel a little better.

patty | on Jan 07, 2010

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