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Dear God. Please bring a little happiness in my life. I am ready to leave I hate my life. My financial problems and I have no love in my life. I hate myself and I need your help like myself before I do something iwill regret. I pray my teenagers see that I am trying but its useless when you hate yourself. Please help me love myself and bring me some love and friends in my life. I have nobody to turn to for love but you. Amen

by patty

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I wish I had wise words for you but please know that your prayer is heard. I WILL pray for you and hope happiness cones your way.

brown | on Jan 07, 2010

Dnt end your life even though you may be depress and lonely there is always something or someone at the end of that dark tunnel u will find something that will motivate you keep praying to god maybe his putting you through a test. Patty your worth a lot and dnt end your life because your sad dnt worry everything is gunna be okay juss hang in there don't give up on life sweety

Anonymous | on Jan 07, 2010

Don't give up. I was there. I wanted to die. I knocked on deaths door but it wouldn't let me in. Be thankful for your children. I know money and financial issues can make it seem like your life is not worth living but I promise you God will provide for you. And not wanting to live over financial problems and depression is not the way to go. Your children love you. They would be lost and devistated without a mother. It may seem difficult but have faith that God is your father and he will provide for you and your children. I pray for you and your children. I pray that God presents himself in your life and answers your prayers. I pray that you will find a good friend. They are hard to find but I believe that God can and will open doors for you as long as you believe. Go look in the mirror and say "I love you" to yourself. I had to do that once and I couldn't say it at first but really, take a good look and say it. Even if you don't believe it, keep saying it everyday because God loves you and he wants you to love yourself. One day you will get tired of hating yourself and decide to love yourself as God does. Research faith, the law of attraction and Gods power of healing and helping people. Get inspired and have faith! God wants to help you! Sometimes when you are so far down you can't see the help he is offering. Once you truly believe that God can and will help you, you will start to notice his love, how much he loves you and your family and how much he wants to help you. I pray that God shows himself in your life and answers your prayers soon. I pray that God will bless you and I know he will although it might take some time but focus on the positive, no matter how small that might seem right nowm there has to be something good in youjr life. Hang in there. I am praying for you.

cori | on Jan 07, 2010

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