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lord thank you for letting me have a wonderful time with my family. im greatful for them but also greatfull for the time i got to spend with them today. i know time and moments are precious and not promised, so lord i thank you for alowing us to have spent the day wih each other. lord please watch over us and continue to guide us and protect us, please lord keep us on the right track so when the time comes we will be joining you and your angels in the after life. father please forgive us for our sins and wrong doings. please help us fight off temptation and keep us away from evil. lord please be wih us in our dreams so that we have sweet dreams instead of nightmares. lord please bless my family and friends and let them all have good health and safety from harms way. lord please help me to feel as if ive gotten a good nights sleep considering i am waking up for church in less than 4 hours. please lord let everything go well today, help me have a good day at church please, with no downfalls, and please help me understand anything i may not understand without your guidance. lord please help me stay positive in the worst of situations. lord please dont let him ignore me today, please let us have good communication and please allow us to have fun with each other like the old days. lord please place your loving hands on his heart and get through to him, and please lord help in guiding him to find his way back to me. lord ilovehim more than i can explain and i just pray and pray for one last chance. i know if you give us one last chance that we can make it strong with your love and guidance through our relationship. lord i want to live by you, be married by you, and love you more than anything. please lord help us come back together, lord please dont give up on me :( i havent given up please dont desert me lord. please dont forget about me or my prayers and feelings. i have faith and some hope lord that we can make it but i know for a fact we CANT do anything without you guiding and loving us. lord you taught me how to love myself, and how to love others, please lord let me show you how well youve taught me by giving me one last chance. please lord help me be patient, please father answr my prayers and shower me with your love and grace. please guide protect and watch over us making sure our guardian angels are with us at all times. please lord guide and protect everyone in my family and allow them to have good health, loving minds and caring hearts. please lord let today be a great and positive day. god iloveyou, jesus iloveyou and in your holy names i pray.
P.S, please bless everyone on this app and please let everyones prayers be answered. amen

by iloveyoulord(:

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..... I hope god hears your prayer and if god don't bring him back to you cause god is protecting you ... he hears you.... but he also looks out for uss ... i love your prayer god bless you and have a good night ......

Anonymous | on Apr 16, 2011

thank you. god bless you also

iloveyoulord(: | on Apr 16, 2011

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