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dear lord, thank you for letting today go well. thank you for allowing my mom and i to spend time together without arguing, and thank you for letting me be privelaged enough to get my new phone. lord please bless those who are less forunate and those in need. thank you lord for the roof over my head, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, and the food in my stomach, i am very greatful, please forgive me for not thanking you enough and please forgive me for everytime i ever act ungreatful. lord please continue to bless us and guide us every step of the way throughout our lives. please help us be strong, independent, and help us to understand you and become closer to you as much as possible. please lead us through the right path so wen judgement day comes we will pass so we can join you and be with you for the rest of eternity. lord please let our guardian angels guide us and help us through our troubles. lord please continue to help my friend jonte with his relationship problems, help him get the girl he loves to be with him and only him. please lord help me with my own relationship problem. lord ilovehim more than words can explain and i know deep down he still cares but i think hes afraid im going to hurt him again. lord please wrap your loving hands around his heart and help get through to him and realize how much ilovehim. lord i know we can make it especially if we have your love and guidance with us every step of the way. lord please dont give up on me, or let me give up, i know its my destiny lord because i can feel it when him and i are together especially when he looks me in the eyes. lord i leave it in your hands and i just ask that you dont give up and you help me by answering my prayers. lord iloveyou so much and am more than greatful for having you in my life. lord please let my mom and family know ilovethem more than anything and i would give my life for any of them. lord please be with us in our dreams and protect us from anything bad that doesnt have to do with you. please bless us all. god iloveyou. jesus iloveyou. and in your holy names i pray.

by iloveyoulord(:

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The Lord will never give up on you mama.. You just try to never give up on him. Never surrender as i say. You will be in my prayers. Godbless you

Pamela | on Apr 11, 2011

gracias. i will keep you in my prayers as well. god bless (:

iloveyoulord(: | on Apr 11, 2011

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