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dear lord, thank you for letting me have yet another great day. i had fun at work today and the kids are really starting to grow on me already. please bless them all and guide them through the right paths. lord please guide us all , protect and watch over us and make sure we have our guardian angels forever by our sides. lord please forive us for all of our sins and any of our wrong doings. please lord give us all a new clean slate. lord please help us stay away from the devils tempation, and help us to know when hes being sneaky and trying to fool us. lord bless us with loving hearts and caring minds. please lord help us have patience and allow us to keep taking note that you anwser our prayers on your time when you feel we are ready to be answered, and not when we want things done. lord just yesterday i felt like giving up on everything ive been praying so hard for, but youve blessed me with a friend who made me realize i can never give up on anything i believe in, for if i give up it just means the devils temptation worked on me, and i never want that lord. i want to live by you and grow and become a stronger woman with your love and guidance. lord thank you for sending me some positive signs today, i am starting to have more faith and hope to keep going and fighting for what i love and believe in. lord ilovehim and i know you know ilovehim, and i truly believe we will come back together because i feel we are destiny. lord just please dont let me down and i will try my best as well to not let you down, lord please reach out to hi, and put your loving hands on his heart and get through to him and guide him back to me father please. i will do whatever it takes to be back in his arms, lord please work your magic and help him realize what we had was real and can happen again but this time with your love and guidance we can make it and stay together. lord i leave it in your hands just please dont let me down and please lord answer my prayers. lord thank you for my family especially my mom, iloveher and am more than greatful for what she does. please father bless my family, friends, and everyone on this app. please lord answer everyones prayers and help us to understand and have more faith. lord i love you more than words can explain and i get so happyy just when i pray to you because i feel like your right here talking to me. lord please save a spot up there for my family and myself, i cant wait to see you lord i just want to give you a great big hug and tell you how much i love and thank you. lord please watch over us and be with us in our dreams so that we have sweet dreams instead of nightmares. god iloveyou, jesus iloveyou and put all my love trust faith and hope into you and i know youll never leave my side or stop loving me. please let everyone have a good positive day. lord you are so loving and you are so great iloveyou. goodnight heavenly father. may you shower us with your love and grace .

by iloveyoulord(:

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