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lord as i come to you before i go to sleep i want to thank you for blessing me with the family i have. please lord protect my family and friends and guide them all through the right path. let them believe in you and have faith, and come to you when they need guidance. please lord let us all be healthy and safe, and let our guardian angels be by our sides at all times. lord please keep any evil away from us. lord help those who dont believe, to believe and love you and understand you. lord please help myself to understand , please lord guide me and prepare me for my baptism and help me to know when the time is right. lord i am ready to give myself to you, and live in your name and also live through you. please lord let today go well, and help me stay strong. please let everyone have a good and safe day at work and/or school. lord thank you for blessing me with a friend like jonte, he helps me believe and have faith, and hes helping me to not give up even on my worst days. i am greatful to have a friend like him and i pray that you dont take him away or let him turn on me like everyone else. please lord bless him and help answer his prayers. lord please help me stay strong and patient through everything i am going through. lord please reach out and place your warm loving hands around his heart and help him see how much he means to me, lord please get through to avery and help him come back to me. i love him with all my heart and with everything i have. lord i truly feel that him and i are destined to be just by the way we are with each other. i can see in his eyes that he misses me and still cares even if its a little bit i can feel it lord. because of him lord i go to church, i pray, and i love and have faith in you, and that says something to me.lord please give us another chance to love each other and have a family and grow as a couple. please lord let us get another chance to be together, with your love and guidance i know we can make it lord. i will always have faith, and always a bit of hope left no matter how bad my days are. lord please dont give up on me, lord jesus please answer my prayers and dont leave me in the cold. lord please just help him come back to me. lord iloveyou and am more than greatful for all that you do. please father forgive us for our sins and bless us all with a clean slate. please lord let my mom know how much i love and appreciate her as well as the rest of my family and friends. god iloveyou, jesus iloveyou, and in both of your holy names i pray.

by iloveyoulord(:

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