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I am struggling with depression, loneliness of female companionship and my life is just walking in place. I have struggled with depression for years. I quit drinking and doing drugs again, I've been sober for 2 months now. I pray to God to strike me down with a terminal disease because I have done so many things against Him.

I've ****ed after other men's wife's, I've cursed the name of God 10s of thousands of times, I've abused drugs and alcohol, I've done so many other things that I lose track. I deserve to be stuck down by God. So many others deserve my place in this world who are good, kind and not supremely felfish like myself. I am not suicidal, just ashamed and hopeless.

by derek

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Keep ur head up high dont give up god needs u to have faith in him god bless you very much

primabd | on Mar 27, 2011

Derek, I see you've made some mistakes. Everybody has.(including myself). When you fall, dont stay down. You have to get back up and be even stronger than before. Just like job from the bible. He lost absolutely everything and came out stronger than ever. Never lose hope. I have faith in you that you can get through things in life. Ill be praying for you! God is the way! Always look to him. He will never let you down.

Child of God<3 | on Mar 27, 2011

My prayers are with you, God will help you through this.
Don't beat yourself up, because that's what satan wants! To have you depressed, and to take your hope, but with all of us on yourself praying for you, you will be. Victorious%uE057. I'll pray for you everyday.

A.Lynn | on Mar 27, 2011

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for. Sharing. Ur story with me really touched my heart yeah today was better I'm trying to take onw day at. A time u know what I know how u feel about the companionship thing Cuzco for a long time I felt like I had to have a man in my life to fill the void in my heart but I realized over a year now that my true problem was trusting UN the lord with my life ... now thar I gave home my everything I feel complete now my problem is not drugs and alcohol but its I feel like I don't know like an ache in MT heart so badly I can't stop crying in my room I've become so hard hearted and I can't seem to stop it I see everyday I get worse and more mean I just wanna hid away so I don't mess with anymore but the more I'm alone the more ssad and angry I get at my family... my dads so violent. And my brother to I'm afraid to be near them they hurt my so bad sometimes with there mouth that I hold it in so much I burst after a long time I hate work people always complain Angeles idky. I love the lord but the other day I started my old ways. Of overdosing on meds trying to take the world away and I keep praying for God. To either give me his strength or let me sleep and never wake up.... idk. What to do anymore. Derek. Sorry its so long I just wanted to let u know that u speaking to me changed my life right now. Thank you God bless you so much and I do pray that that longing u have for a woman comes to u but. More. Than just ant woman but ur future wife make sure she's godly Cuzco trust me it really does matter
bye *:)

Gods precious one | on Mar 27, 2011

Gods precious one, thank you for being open and honest. I will pray for you and I hope God will bless us with the right person someday.

(Derek) [email hidden from spammers] | on Apr 02, 2011

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