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I am in a depression I keep digging deeper because of my sin of the eyes. I keep saying to myself, "I'm fat, losing my hair, missing teeth, have severe dark circles under my eyes and I live at my parents house because of my finanaces."

Women look at me and write me off right away, I give off "damaged goods" vibe. I turn to bad web sites and come away empty everytime, I'm like a drug addict and I hate myself.

Please Lord, just put me down, I am no good and worthless. Forgive my self hatred, selfishness, people who i have wronged, women whom I've taken for granted and so many other crappy things I've done. Please Lord, give me a incurable disease so I can leave this pointless life.

by (Derek) [email hidden from spammers]

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please don't feel that way. The devil hears u & wants u to think that! Pray for better! One day u will b able to testify! U can lose weight & buy teeth:) live 4 u!

Jade | on Apr 05, 2011

Yes the enemy truly wants you to feel worthless and in need of the love and attention of a woman, but the truth is we have an inexhaustible love in Jesus! I have similar struggles, however turn back to the word of God. May he help you to take every thought captive to obey Christ! Especially those thoughts that condemn you and tell you you need other things than Jesus. May He guide you to seek Himself first that all else may be given to you also (matt 6). Lord please guide Derek and the rest of your saints to walk by faith and not by sight, that we also might see ourselves as you see us Lord, pure innocent and blameless before you, not because of ourselves but because of the blood you shed on our behalf! You tell use truly our shame is gone! Nailed to the cross! Also, you should read 2 corinth 1:8-9.. Paul talks about despising life itself. Go in peace brother, and may the God if peace guard your heart and mind with His peace which surpasses understanding (Philippians 4) :-). All this in your mighty Holy name Jesus!

Tom | on Apr 06, 2011

First off livining with your patents is nothing to be ashamed of with the ecomy the way it is and almost everyone has regrets and things they wish they could change. I'll pray that you find strength and happiness

Anonymous | on Apr 06, 2011

You are the child of God the holy spirit has been in you. Be strong

Kunti | on Apr 06, 2011

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