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I'm struggling with regret from my actions while I was binge drinking. A woman I cared about whom I had a long distance relationship with decided completely block me out, I was dumped. I don't blame her, I was angry and had a negative outlook on many things. I tried for months to reach her by email, no response at all. I started getting drunk alot and left alot of desperate and crazy messages when i found out she moved on with a new guy whom she seemed to be head over heals for.

Rejection is just another blow to my years long depression, this is why I stayed far from getting close to a woman. I opened myself to her and in the end I was chewed and spit out. I hope God will put out my desire to experience love with a woman again, I just can't take it anymore. My heart is sick and broken. Fyi...... I quit drinking and have been sober for 2 months.

All have is God, but I feel numb and very hopeless. I just don't why I have lived life the way I have to where I'm unmarried and haven't had relationship in 18 years (I'm 40). Thats another huge weight of regret I have.

by (Derek) [email hidden from spammers]

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Best of luck in Ur recovery. I have 11 months. I know how u feel!

Anonymous | on Apr 02, 2011

2 months is a very short time. Although it is great that you have decided to become Sober. I believe God can and still will bless your life with many more joys and blessings. Yet, it seems you may have chosen to take the longer road. Tends to happen when we try to run our own lives. I believe that once you FULLY and whole heartedly give everything over to the lord and obey what he tells you to do. Things will begin to change. Once God is your True love then his love fills you. His spirit changes you and your desires also change. I pray you truly find his love for you and with it freedom.

Anonymous | on Apr 02, 2011

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