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Father in the name of jesus i come to you thankful and my head held up high wth confidence and my heart filled with love . Things hurt me but iam only human filled with emotions and feeling that iamm unable to control at times . Father thank you for all the signs that was given . Love is blind. I now know what it truely means . Im 23 female heavy and depressed . Just recently lost my virginity to a lying manipulating man . That sold me dreams beyond any womans imagination . When i mean sold me i mean sold me and stole from me . U can take me body and do what u want but not my soul . God has my soul . Father i know your disappointed in me . Iam too . I used to soooo stronge and filled with life . I can get that back i know i can . If she want him she can have him . Im too good for him anyways .father i thank you for everything you have done for me . You warned me but i ignored . Went through anyways. But what dont kill me makes me stronger . Im still live and well .god comes first and everything else doesnt matter . Love you with all my heart lord . Im asking you for forgiveness and to enter back into your life letting nothin come between us . Nothing can stop our friendship . For ever and ever . Amen . And amen .

by appleofhiseye

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We are made right with him..

Anoited | on Jul 04, 2010

Bless your heart I'm sorry what you went through but know you will come out of all this stronger. Stay blessed

Tonya C | on Jul 04, 2010

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