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God please help me I at that place again lord and I'm so afraid i'm going to loose Brandon i need you god to help me i know lord you can heal me from this depression lord and I pray you do lord in the name of Jesus I believe lord the devil is making me feel this way god please lord make these thoughts of no one loving me and feeling all alone and wanting to die go away god. It hurts so bad lord I'm truely calling out for help right now please save my relationship with Brandon and please save me god save me from this depression I so scared I'm so hurt right now god I'm afraid I going to really hurt myself I need you lord I need you lord please help me.

by Caitlin

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I know how you feel but keep praying and trust in Jesus Christ. I cry almost daily because of loneliness but somehow God sees me through it. Don't give up.

Ed from Texas [email hidden from spammers] | on Jun 06, 2010

Thank you I'm trying so hard not to give in to these thoughts

Caitlin | on Jun 06, 2010

Trust in the name of the Lord most high, for he is the light, he will guide you out of the darkness. He wants all that is good for you, his child. Be strong, my prayers are with you tonight.

shuba | on Jun 06, 2010

Thank you so much that truely touched my heart

Caitlin | on Jun 06, 2010

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