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Father god. Help me please. I'm begging you to help me. These people who are saying such hurtful things to me. The people who I once called my family has betrayed me. God I feel so hurt so used so degraded from these people. You know how sick I am. God please help me please send me people who truely love me. The words these people say.... I act like it doesn't hurt but inside I wanna die. I don't even feel beautiful anymore. I feel like garbage. I feel so used. So abused and helpless. I don't even wanna go on anymore god because I am afraid that when I wake up someone else is going to put me down or hurt me. I can't do this anymore lord and you know I don't know what to do. I feel the cancer in my body. Each and everyday I become more sick and mo one cares. And god it kills me.... Kills me inside to know that no one cares. I lost everyone lord. All of my friends. I am trying so hard to be positive but everyone is bringing me down. Please god make it stop and please have justice in my life and allow these people to see how horrible they are and what they are doing to me. I am beginning to hate myself by the thugs people say to me and call me. God please don't let people walk all over me anymore. The only thing I want is comfort. And love. Real. Love. I just wanna be loved god that's all I dont care if I die I just wanna be loved I want someone to love me and say that I am beautiful and that they love me with all of their heart.... And truely mean it. I just wanna be someone's number one. Got please I am already dealing with being sick every single day but this emotional and verbal abuse makes me feel like I'm dying even more. Lord I cry out to you tonight and say please! Oh lord my god! Help me!!! And answer my prayers tonight because I can't take this anymore! I have been dealing with this for long enough. U truly need u to make this stop tonight.

by Caitlin

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Please to those reading this. Pray that god puts a guy in my life who finally loves mr. Friends who truely love me. To help me deal and get through my sickness. Please. I need and I beg of all of you to pray for me. Thank you and god bless you all

Caitlin | on May 15, 2011

God loves you so much and will not let any of your tears touch floor. He is carrying every single onr of them in His hands. Be patient, the Lord is with you ALWAYS. I love you...
Joshua 1:9

Karlapr | on May 15, 2011

You a r e namber 1 to d wil halpe you believe no p arsone

Anonymous | on May 15, 2011

I prayed for you Caitlin, that you get well and God brings people into your life that care.

DW | on May 15, 2011

God cares and the brutal truth is ppl probably wont die for you but Jesus already did. His love is so deep and sincere. And good can come out of this. Get some prayer warriors and focus on getting better. Read his word and he will bring you through

Gift of Grace | on May 15, 2011

Thank you to everyone please keep me in your prayers and god bless all of you for taking the time to care thank you so much

Caitlin | on May 15, 2011

God loves us so much caitlyn. Set ur heart on him n he will give u the peace n healing u need God bless u!

Anonymous | on May 15, 2011

Dear Caitlin,
don't listen to the lies if the devil. These people are using their mouths to curse rather than bless. They are being used by the devil to keep you in turmoil. May the Great Healer touch your body and soul with devine healing. May you feel His presence in your life. Consider each a day in which you can bless others

Jesus My Lord | on May 15, 2011

My tears I shed are as real as the prayer I just read. You are loved. Dear one. You are loved. D

Anonymous | on May 15, 2011

Keep the faith Caitlin .God's love will see you through.

josette | on May 15, 2011

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