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A nation and multiple generations destroyed for being rebellious. Men, think about your first love and how she either cheated on you and your not together anymore. That is the same thing we did to the father. We put other gods and women before him. That's why we are in the situation we are in! We're at the bottom. We were the head and now we're chasing our tail. Every time you think about a girl that did you wrong. Point the finger at yourself because we didn't respect God, so he made them not respect us. The father said that your women and daughters will be whores!(hosea 4:13) Who is the biggest whores out there? Our black women. (Hosesa 4:6) because we rejected knowledge the father rejected our seed because we forgot his laws! This has been our problem from the begging of time! We don't accept responsibility for anything! When Adam harkened to the voice of his woman he sinned. On top of that he blamed God for giving him the woman instead of pointing the finger at himself. Don't love anything more than Yah. Any and everything can go! House, wife, husband, children it doesn't matter. We are the head and not the tail! The woman is the tail, they follow. They need us like we need Yah. Without us they are lost! They have things and good jobs but no leadership, bad kids or either no kids and they still desire to be with us even though they claim we aren't ****. Without men women will die without fulfilling their purpose which is to be a wife and a Stewart of children, or foolish niggas that have no thought of making you a wife will creep into their houses and treat them like whores.(2 Timothy 3:6) Thus says the bible! Get an attitude and your not mad with me this is what the bible says. Your not mad at me your mad at Yah, God, Eli,Elohim, The most high. This is the truth I won't speak a lie no matter what you've heard in church. Most women now days are whores with no virtue! They tell you that you are covered by grace in church. Tell me how your covered when you don't even know who atoned for your sins? Jesus means earth pig! A pig is unclean! Why would Yahshua tell you to call him a pig when a pig is unclean? That's like someone calling me a nigger or a white person getting called racist. The bible is full of translation and lies pick the bones out before you eat. Seek Yah for yourself to seek answers! Stop putting your faith in man.

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