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Father I'm standing strong begging you for forgiveness. The mind battles have turned into mind wars. Sometimes I win, but I also lose. Attacks making me second guess the word, it has to be the devil. It makes me angry and want to lash out. I know what you done for me so that's the only thing that keeps me grounded. I try and try to stand firm. But the things of this earth are taking its toll. People being raped, killed and murdered. Lonely, liars, backstabbers and back bitters, I put a smile on my face and keep trying, trouble at work they constantly want to fire us. You word is true and just. The enemy does come in like a storm. You tempered me by fire so I still stand firm, thank you father, master the light of my world. I get down and angry but in you I trust no matter the anger I feel. Without you I deserve nothing except to be killed. I don't know why you give me grace and mercy but I don't question the Potter I praise your name there's  nothing above you that's any higher.  You stand with me and strengthen me to weather the storm keep me close to your heart don't take your holy Spirit from me, don't put me away don't give me over to a reprobate mind, let me continue in the way you want me to go I scream I love you all the time, but this Is the way that I show. I keep your laws and commandments to the best of my ability even until it hurts, sometimes I take this gift for granted but I don't do out of disrespect I try casting thoughts down. I came far in the way but the battles are strong now but even if it kills me in you I will trust because you sent your son to die for me so it's only right what is this life anyway but pleasure and hurt and a chance for redemption until we return back to the dirt.

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