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Master, I'm nothing without you. My strength, the rock of my salvation. Praise unto YAH! Just, true, and fair. Mighty and true to his word. Thank you father for the blood of your son Yashua, that cleanses the sin of those that dilegently keep your commandments. I praise you for being able to come to the throne of grace boldly when I fall. Father...friend tried and true you stood with me through it all. To get me where I am now you had you let me fall. Before, I would sin and transgress every single law but thank you for letting me see. Thank you for showing me the path. Just like a child learning how to ride a bike I'd scrap my knee sometimes... You know me, so I might scrap my knee and knock out a couple teeth but you changed my ways I think back to the days when I didn't think I would make it to the next day. Who knew you would change me to the point where I would be a student of the word. Digging, Seeking and searching for jewels of knowledge in your word. I hide your word in my heart, even when I was wicked I was different, so our love was destined. People saw me change and start turning their backs on me, leaving me alone. So called friends! But I'm glad the fakes are gone and I have my one true friend, its you. The only onr that cares about me,  you lead my path and guide me in the right way. The best friend I've ever had and they can't  physically see you. But spiritually they can see you in me. Changed my ways, went from a angry, rowdy, adulterous, lying, drunk, to helping people that need me, love for my brothers even though they have no love for me, patience, long suffering, Meekness, quiet, getting a full understanding before I open my mouth, respecting all until I have a reason not to. That reason would be that they are going against what I know you hate. People may not believe in you but for me there's no way I can't believe because I've seen your power. I was tired of the pain and cried out for death, I didn't even know who I was talking to. I said "god just kill me!" Tired of the everyday hurt and strife, pain in my body everyday feeling like I would die, going back and fourth to the hospital, drinking so much I couldn't remember what day it was, fighting for people that I though cared about me but that wasn't love, it was ****. There is truly no rest for the wicked. That day you showed me love even though how wicked I was. Changed my ways, you bought me through the fire, lead my path, went from nothing to something, I keep your love in my heart, I wonder why you saved me but now I know it was destined from  the start. Nothing comes above you! Not anything worldy, not even a woman. You read the scripture then you will see what I'm talking about, the bible warns you of women, if she's not virtuous leave her alone because she not a gift from YAH but a agent of Satan looking to pry you away from YAH. Look not upon a woman for her beauty, a woman shouldn't usurp authority over a man, brothers stop being weak and letting these women walk all over you, look at Adam and eve, she was deceived and got Adam in trouble with YAH, look at Solomon, his wives turned his heart from YAH, look at Samson that whore literally vexed him so much he gave her his strength and YAH took his power. I can go on and on open the bible and read it for yourself..

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