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I am tired and weary of living. One disaster after is ceaseless.
I have applied and been assessed for PIP so can you please make sure I get this and preferably at higher rate please Lord?
Turn my life around: I am sick of Everything going wrong. People treating me as a joke and a freak, making hurtful, spiteful remarks about me when they think I don't hear yet I do. I hear them ridicule me, they think I neither see nor know but they're being so Hurtful.
I am fed up of trying Lord...HELP ME GOD!

by Bagpuss

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I ask our Heavenly Father to soften the hearts of all who think of, speak to, treat, & see you in any negative, unfair, & abusive manner. I ask Him to open their eyes & let them see you in a better light - the light of His Love shining upon & within you. I also ask Him to approve this PIP you have requested at a rate thar will more than meets your needs so you will be able to bless others & give Him the glory. May He improve upon your life & situation exponentially. It is in Jesus Christ's name I ask these of Him for you. Amen.

turnip_seed | on Nov 24, 2015

Thank you turnip-seed. My life has been Horrendous over the last few years, thanx for your kindness

Bagpuss | on Nov 25, 2015

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