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I am at the end of all hope and interest in living, am totally fed up of life. I found out my mum abandoned me in the delivery room immediately after giving birth, discharging herself straight away refusing to take me with her or even wait until doctors had checked me over. She told staff You look after her then, when asked what about your baby- don't you want to look after her? She even totally refused to go back to get me, arguing with family who tried persuading her....they had to go collect me 14hrs after I was born cos she didn't want me. She's always told me she didn't want me...I didn't realize how much she must if hated and resented me to of done that. She told me this on my b'day earlier this year. I am devastated, this news has completely destroyed me.
Please God do Something, help me get over this. I feel very hurt, and am rejected again by her. Do Something to give me hope, someone show me kindness please

by Bagpuss

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My heart breaks for you and how you must feel. What a shock to find out such news!

You did nothing wrong to your mother. You came into this world loved by God regardless of what your earthly mother did or said. Why do people do such hurtful things to us? Our basic sinful nature.

Again, you couldn't have done anything to push your mother away or to make her stay. She has free will as all of us do.

The next question in my mind is, "will you forgive her?" I believe that is where you will find peace in that painful part of your life.

I hope that helps is some way. If not, please ignore my comment.

God Bless You!

R | on Nov 08, 2015

Praying for you. You matter so much. Truly.

Jomac | on Nov 08, 2015

She has left me feeling terrified, hurt and bewildered; she has destroyed me. She shows no remorse, guilt or any feelings whatsoever about what she did both at the time and at any point since; nor any concerns for my feelings. She's come from a "church-going" family and has held positions in the church.....yet she has such a "big" fault or sin in her life which she sees no wrongdoing in nor regret or remorse for. Which makes it harder to understand. Can I forgive her? It is for God to forgive her; I am left devastated by what she told me.

Bagpuss | on Nov 08, 2015

I pray our Heavenly Father: bless you with the Comfort of His Holy Spirit; bring about events that will lead you to improved health, contentment,love, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, & understanding.

turnip_seed | on Nov 08, 2015

Jesus will always want you and will always love you.

O.A.S | on Nov 08, 2015

I came from a church family also. It doesn't mean they are not toxic people. I've been hurt deeply by my father who abandoned me. It affected me then and to this day. I love him and forgive him. I chose not to spend time with him.

R | on Nov 08, 2015

Thanks for your prayers and support. R I have a very toxic mother as you very clearly understand, who had a very abusive childhood but she will neither forgive nor forget it, nor get help to deal with it. She has always taken it out on me: never helping me- she "didn't see why she should" & "what you say is of no consequence". Leaving it until my nickers literally fell down in a PE lesson when I was 9 before she'd get me new ones; socks with massive holes in....having holes extend outside my shoes all the time, embarrassing me. She has been cruel, toxic and remorseless; left me destroyed.

Bagpuss | on Nov 09, 2015

I have you on my follow list. I'm praying with and for you! Know you have a group of godly loving people praying for you.

R | on Nov 09, 2015

Thank you all for your prayers. I pray for myself every day, and for everyone who uses this site. I too pray for peace and contentment xx

Bagpuss | on Nov 09, 2015

Dear Friend - turn to Gods word my dear - Joseph was sold by his brothers, he knew your pain, Moses was abandoned but he became a ruler, please know Jesus knows your pain. Things you think no one may understand, He has walked that path himself. Jesus own brothers rebuked him and called him crazy. He knows how you feel. Find comfort in the Word. God bless you and be with you.

Rain | on Jun 14, 2016

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