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Dear Lord- how do I deal with my mother who is totally self-absorbed, narcissistic and too "busy" for me? Trying to have any relationship with her is an uphill battle, always has been; she drags me down....she expects me to look after her now she's old but shows her gratefulness infrequently, and grumbles and complains persistently. Nothing is ever good enough for her, she's never satisfied with anything. I am so down- so lonely- she tells me to get a social life, then when I try she does all she can to sabotage it.

All I want is to die. If someone says to me you're going to die in 10 mins or 2 days I don't care and wouldn't try to salvage my life. Sort something out Lord I want someone to make and stay friends with me. I am scared, I have adhd which increases my struggle to understand the world around me...I would like a family to adopt me, make me feel safe and secure and wanted. Help me.

by Bagpuss

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I'm praying for you. Please take one day at a time and turn to God for support. Tell your Mom how you feel and know she loves you, even if it doesn't feel that way. Ask a teacher or school counselor for help.

Donna | on Nov 09, 2015

I'm in agreement with Donna

R | on Nov 09, 2015

I wish there was more I could do to help. Can you remove yourself to a different situation? Can you find help for your mother with some kind of social services? I know you are overwhelmed and having something more to do seems impossible. Not trying to add to your burden but trying to help you find some safety and peace.

R | on Nov 09, 2015

Donna and R: my mother is almost 80 & refuses outside help as she thinks I can do it all myself, and as much as I tell her this is increasingly unrealistic she refuses to hear. I'm 41- yet she is still very controlling, narcissistic and self-absorbed. I have no outside help; & when I've asked our GPs for help, they say only if they assess her so they can refer to social services. She persistently refuses to go to the GPs (I've tried every pretext thinkable). Short of abandoning her myself- which will leave both her and me individually with literally nobody- I see no way of solving this. I am tired of trying.

Bagpuss | on Nov 09, 2015

We cannot change people and we must remember that no one is perfect. Sounds as though your mom has some inner/spiritual issues that must be dealt with. That is her choice to deal with them or not. You on the other hand must not let anyone control you. This is hard in your situation. However, taking time out for you through prayer, meditation and spending time alone with help you. The best way to help your mom is to live your life. You can have a life, time for yourself, and Cate for her too. Best wishes.

Anonymous | on Nov 09, 2015

You are in a very tough spot!
I will continue to lift you up in prayer. I'm praying that God will show you a path for help and change. We don't know what will help in our limited wisdom, but God can show you a way for you to get help/away from such a tough environment.

R | on Nov 09, 2015

There are support forums on the net. If you are interested: I can give you links, or you could look for support forums about people who have close interactions with a narcissist.

I continue to lift you up in prayer. I also pray for your mom & all with whom you both interact.

turnip_seed | on Nov 09, 2015

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