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god I know I should be thankful for having my ex back in my life and my children's lives,but everyday for the past two weeks I've been struggling with wondering why he really came back to us. Things for the most part have been great,he is more affectionate and hands on with the girls now than he ever was and we talk more openly and his affection is more there now than before and I'm happy with all these changes he's made,but I can't help wondering the time we were apart and he was with another woman what happened and what made him decide to come back to us.There still a lot of unanswered questions I have,but given he isn't fully tranformed in being able to talk about anything I don't know if I will ever find my answers...even for the past month he has made hints about a child but he hasnt come out clear and just said I'm ready to have a child of my own...he's the type who goes in circles with things instead of just getting to the point and its really confusing..I need your help and advice on how to deal with this situation without tearing us apart because I do love him,I just wish I knew if he felt the same as I do

by chantell

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