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God I really need your guidance right now for awhile things with my ex and just my life in general had been so chaotic then about one month ago my ex came back into the picture and just a few weeks ago we started sleeping together again things have been going great my baby girls are so happy to have him back in their lives again and I have been so much happier then today I find out he has a symptom of a std and after conversation I finally got him to admit he has been with someone since we split now I have the possibility of having an std but what's hurting most is knowing he moved on to someone else and now it makes me wonder why he came back to me

by chantell

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God bless u. The lord forgives us everytime. You also need to forgive. Everyone makes mistakes and u need to ask God to help u get through this tough time. He seems to love u very much and ur man is with u now. Trust in God and he will help u heal.

Ruby | on Apr 09, 2010

Thank you for your support I know I have to forgive him,it just hurts so much right now

chantell | on Apr 10, 2010

It does hurt. Take it day by day. Time will pass and things will get better. Everyday try to really enjoy the good things u have around. Ur children laughing, eating dinner with ur family and tons of other things. Im not saying to forget, still make sure he knows hes got a lot of making up to do. God is going to bless u with so many wonderful things. Trust in him and whem u hurt like hell, get pn ur knees and pray to the heavens. God bless u sister

Ruby | on Apr 12, 2010

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