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God I really need your guidance with life right now I'm falling apart slowly and just as I start to get past something a new situation arises...I have two beautiful baby girls who mean the world to me,but they are suffering because of my stupid decisions and my lack of happiness.I have been through a lot of chaos the past few years.back in June 2007 four days after my second daughters birth their father was locked up facing deportation and I was left with a newborn a 18 month old and an apartment to attend to without a job because I was in school a few months later he was deported and I was brought down to my knees wondering how I was ever going to survive this situation.I did almost a year by myself and then an angel came to my life he was so supportive and when my girls father abandoned his children this man took over that role and loved them as his own things were great and I had found happiness again then we moved in together and that's where things started falling apart and I fought so hard to keep us together but this past april we split up and even though I'm falling apart and missing him the thing that is hurting me so much right now is he is the only father these girls have known and he has walked out on them too and they are hurting so much right now and I don't know what to do because I'm still fighting with what I have left to get him to realize these girls need him I don't have anymore fight left and I don't know what else to do...please help guide me and help me through this

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Were you married during any of this or living in sin?

michael | on Jan 31, 2010

God loves you & is right there with you, but you have to do what is right. If you ask Him to forgive you for the things you know you have done that are wrong in His sight, He will forgive you, then ask Him to help you live in a way that is right in His sight-He will. We ALL make mistakes, but we have to ask for forgiveness in order to receive His blessings.
I'm praying for you and your precious girls. God loves you & He hasn't abandoned you, keep praying.

JDS / Sacramento, Ca | on Jan 31, 2010

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