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Dear my Allah, could you please clean my soul, heart, body and mind? I know you are the only one who can do it or I can do it. But I am weak, so messed up, need your help. Clean me, fix me please. Make things easy. I created troubles for myself, either make the troubles go away or make those right for me. You know the best. If I die without being fixed I would regret in the next eternal life, I cant take that burden with me. You are the only one who can help me correct me. Even if it is painful just do it. I dont wanna regret in the end. U know how miserable i am when i am in my own hands. I dont know how to handle myself. I do not deny your blessings and bounties, u still keep giving me watever i want. Please dont give me what is not right for me and wat i am not capable for. Make me capable please. U know i am confused and helpless. I am lost My God help me find myself. Help me connect with my soul. Purify my soul, help me connect with you. I need to find me please. Love you till infinity....Kam

by Kamran

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Know that God is a God of love and that He loves you with all that He is. As human beings with sin, we and our faith are never perfect, we will always question an over analyze the situation. Our faith will always fluctuate and at times we forget that God is capable of everything and anything. Yes, our faith in God wavers at times, but know that God's faith in us is utterly perfect, and will NEVER waver. Our faith will fluctuate, but here's the cool thing... when our faith in God wavers and falls, His faith in us will hold us up. You're in a good place right now, you are aware of the sin which you possess in your heart and thus you can take it unto God. Lay everything out at His feet, He can take it! Also, know that nothing you do directly affects Him. Like any good father, God just wants was best for you. It only affects Him because it affects you. He loves you and He wants what's best for you. Turn to others around you for prayer and advice. For we know God trough knowing others. If you truly love God Kamran, recognize that God dwells within you, for He breathed life into you. What affects you in a way affects Him. Recognize this and turn away from your sins by loving yourself and others around you. You have a changed heart Kamran and God speaks through it. Listen to it and follow it...and you will be
following what God wants for you in your life. God Bless You and love be upon you...for the same hands that hold the world, is holding your heart! Go in peace Kamran!

Ross | on Apr 18, 2010

Lord Jesus do your will in kam's life. Hold kam and let them know you are near. In your name Jesus amen

Crazy Curls for Jesus | on Apr 18, 2010

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