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Allah, please bless my parents is heaven, please bless all the prophets, all the people who helped me, guided me, prayed for me. Please end this exam soon, we must have done something really worse in heaven so you sent us to this earth. Although earth is also a beautiful place but we people fight with eachother, have differences (so many) and we all do not follow all of your order either as individual or as nations. Only your messengers were the most obedient ones to you. We all are in big trouble and weak in one way or another. And we all beg and pray to you for your guidence and mercy in this life and next life. If you do not want to end this exam right now then please at least make it easy for us? You said if we ask your help you will help us right? We are so helpless, i am not asking for bmw or money, or pleasure or property. I am just asking you to save me from evil and satan, i am not strong enuff :( satan is so strong and i am not even a complete human. Why dont u just help me and make problems easy for me? I am addicted to the things u dont like can u plz help me? Either take my desires away, or make those desires legal for me. Just do something for me. I love you, i need you, i dont need heaven i dont need anything else just keep saving me from the things u dont like and keep me safe from hell and punishment. I always fail every exam. So please help! Love you!

by Kamran

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I have been thru many trials too, and none have been easy. But life isn't easy because of the lessons we learn. They are worth the bumpy ride! I'm praying for you and God bless

nila tx, witness | on Apr 18, 2010

Things haven't been so easy for my too but keep praying. Inshallah everthing will work well for you. Remember patience is a virtue. The trials in our life are to make to our faith in Allah stronger.

Anonymous | on Apr 18, 2010

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