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Heavenly father I just want to ask you for patients for my dad. I really don't like him. But i know in the bible it says honor your father and mother. But I lost all my respect for him. My mother and him are in a fight and not sleeping in the same room. But she is forgiving him more each day. And when she forgives him I lose respect for her to. Every tome he calls her mama or babe I cringe. I love my mom and I don't want to lose my good relationship with her. I'm a teenager and I just don't know what to do. I don't like my dad. I dont have any feelings for him. I just want to get closer to him again. And sometimes I do but right when I'm about to let go of my anger towards him he get in a fight with my mom again and it just rebuilds again. I can honestly say I hate him but I feel bad about it. I want to be a good Christian and forgive him but I cant. It's so hard. The only people I can talk about this with is god and. my mom. But she just does not understand. Please help me with what I should do. My heart is just in pain all the time. And I just want to cry. Please father help me with what I should do. Put it in my heart. In Jesus name I pray amen.( for people who pray for me also do you have any advice ? )

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You need to just try, and even If you can't learn to love him just pretend u do, but most of all speak to him about it, dnt tell him u dnt love him just tell him that ur losing respect because of they way he treats ur mom sometimes, and then the love will come back but just remember to keep praying for it :)

Doulos2543 | on Apr 09, 2010

BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE that Jesus will answer ur prayer! HE will! It will take time but be patient. My daughters feel the same towards their dad sometimes becuz he says hurtful things but he's not happy w/himself so he takes it out on others. Its not right but it is what it is. Take it 1 day at a time. Love him 2day. look 4 things 2 be grateful for. And do what's right & with integrity for urself. GOD loves us NO MATTER WHAT WE DO! We have to keep trying to walk in HIS way. God Bless You! All WILL turn out better.

Anonymous | on Apr 09, 2010

Lord I Thnk u 4 everything even allowing this young lady 2 knw who 2 come to in her trials as so many grown UPS dnt even knw who u r. Lord help her household strengthen and deliver her from all the hurt suffering and built in anger...devil u r not welcome into her father or her hoyse.demonic spirits I bind and loose u n the name of jesus. Thnk u lord it is done amen! Every time he does it u say n the name of jesus I bind u devil n loose u n bell wur u came from. Pray him away

brittaney | on Apr 09, 2010

Psa51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

N OTW | on Apr 09, 2010

God knows ur heart. We have a forgiving God. So if u sincerely want to take away the hate and pain and honestly want to love him ask God.

Anonymous | on Apr 09, 2010

Place ur faith in god....everything happens for a reason. This situatuion was put in ur life because god knos u can handle it. I'm a teenager too and I've felt alone many times. But god is bigger than u and I and even ur dad. Keep believing and stay constant in prayer. Ur strong enough to handle this-god said so!!:) the bible says to show love to ur enemys and it will in turn b like throwing burning coals on their head. Show ur daddy love and remember nobodys perfect. Keep trying to get thro to him.

Anonymous | on Apr 09, 2010

My mom had manic depression when I was a teenagershe is on need now but still abusive you can love someone but not like them

Anonymous | on Apr 09, 2010

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