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Heavenly father I just want to ask you for patients for my dad. I really don't like him. But i know in the bible it says honor your father and mother. But I lost all my respect for him. My mother and him are in a fight and not sleeping in the same room. But she is forgiving him more each day. And when she forgives him I lose respect for her to. Every tome he calls her mama or babe I cringe. I love my mom and I don't want to lose my good relationship with her. I'm a teenager and I just don't know what to do. I don't like my dad. I dont have any feelings for him. I just want to get closer to him again. And sometimes I do but right when I'm about to let go of my anger towards him he get in a fight with my mom again and it just rebuilds again. I can honestly say I hate him but I feel bad about it. I want to be a good Christian and forgive him but I cant. It's so hard. The only people I can talk about this with is god and. my mom. But she just does not understand. Please help me with what I should do. My heart is just in pain all the time. And I just want to cry. Please father help me with what I should do. Put it in my heart. In Jesus name I pray amen.( for people who pray for me also do you have any advice ? )

by child of god

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The only correct advice I can give you is to just truly pray about it. There nothing that God can't do or fix. Don't try to understand why you feel the way u feel just give it to God and let him handle it. He always works it out right on time! Stay committed to God and he will bless!

UniquelyLJ | on Feb 06, 2010

The only one that truly help u forgive ur dad is Jesus himself jesus says we must forgive others . I grew up not liking my dad either he beat my mom and so much more I was blessed and the lord sent me to be raised by my great aunt who was a great christian woman , it was hard but I managed to forgive him unfortantly he passed before I could tell him, so pray about it and ask god to help u and he will an don't wait to long like I did we are not promised tomorrow or even our next breath God Bless you if u ever need to talk [email hidden from spammers]

Anonymous | on Feb 07, 2010

I agree with the other comments and I would like to incourage you to go to this web site his free teachings are soooo good they are miracle grow for the spirit mind and soul. There I have found many answers and knowledg on how spiritual things work in heaven and on earth if you want to grow strong in the Lord Jesus having full authority over every situation in life down load his free teachings. All I can is say WOW I wish I would have learned these teaching years ago.

Friend of Jesus | on Feb 07, 2010

U have to give it to God, this is too much for u on ur own. Through him all things r possible...especially forgiveness. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

Kari Beth | on Feb 07, 2010

The word christian means christlike it takes power to love. u got to reconize GOD love us so much that HE gave is only begotten SON knowing how mess up we are but it was HIS unconditional love that allow HIS son 2 die and raise up with all power in HIS hands 4 me, u, ur dad and evry1 else. The only thing I can say try not look at ur dad like that. But, see it for what it really is. Its not ur dad its the spirit (devil) that's using in him. And JESUS has givin us power to come against that foul spirit. U show ur father how to be a really christian. The next time u go b4 GOD in pray have a 4giving heart when it come to your dad or any1 else. Remember JESUS loves us unconditionally we must do the same. Don't stop praying, just step out of urself and let GOD arise in u.
GOD loves u and I do 2 I will keep u and ur family up in pray stay encourage its goin to get better.

jen 728 | on Feb 07, 2010

I hope u dont mind but i want to pray 4 u. Sweet heavenly FATHER, I come b4 u humble but bold to ur throne on the behalf of my lil sister in CHRIST. LORD, U know what's really goin on in her life that's out of order. Step right in her life do a new thing DADDY GOD, she calling on U and I stand in agreement. Allow her dad come to get 2 know U. LORD heal her hurts and disappointment in JESUS name. Arise in her and her family that U may get all the glory in JESUS name. We plead the blood JESUS over every dead situration in her life and I command her family be made whole 4 ur glory. Thank U, because I know it already done in JESUS name. Amen, amen, amen!!!!!!

jen 728 | on Feb 07, 2010

okay well I'm a teenager too I know how you feel I have been there but honestly it is God's call (: I understand where you are coming from but in the bible it does say to forgive others I know it's hard but try looking at the good things in him and maybe God is waiting for you to let everything go and forgive before he helps or changes your parents marriage so just keep your faith in God strong (:

Anonymous | on Feb 07, 2010

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