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Heavenly father I just want to ask you for patients for my dad. I really don't like him. But i know in the bible it says honor your father and mother. But I lost all my respect for him. My mother and him are in a fight and not sleeping in the same room. But she is forgiving him more each day. And when she forgives him I lose respect for her to. Every tome he calls her mama or babe I cringe. I love my mom and I don't want to lose my good relationship with her. I'm a teenager and I just don't know what to do. I don't like my dad. I dont have any feelings for him. I just want to get closer to him again. And sometimes I do but right when I'm about to let go of my anger towards him he get in a fight with my mom again and it just rebuilds again. I can honestly say I hate him but I feel bad about it. I want to be a good Christian and forgive him but I cant. It's so hard. The only people I can talk about this with is god and. my mom. But she just does not understand. Please help me with what I should do. My heart is just in pain all the time. And I just want to cry. Please father help me with what I should do. Put it in my heart. In Jesus name I pray amen.( for people who pray for me also do you have any advice ? )

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The best & only thing u should do is let go & let god

teresa | on Feb 09, 2010

Just believe in god, put it in god hands n wait 4 him that's the best thing to do n keep praying cuz if u have fe there's nutty can stop u I'm a teenagers too n I know is hard cuz I'm been through that situation but I'm going to pray 4u GBU

fabri | on Feb 09, 2010

God bless you and just keep praying. God please bring peace to this family and work in the heart of that dad who has caused much pain. Hold the mom and child in your hands and protect them from harm. Holy angels please guard them. In Jesus name. Amen.

Anonymous | on Feb 09, 2010

U need to be strong...and let ur mom make her own decisions...all u can do is be strong for her and pray

Anonymous | on Feb 09, 2010

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