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Wondering how long can this pain last? I pray 2 God every nite 4 my broken heart 2 be healed but it doesn't seem 2 be workin. I miss him soo much and i'm tryin my best 2 move on with my life and be happy but i feel in my heart that he will come around because something is tellin me that he is the one for me. Am i being selfish for havin these feelings? I just want 2 be happy again....Where is hope when you need it?

by MzConfused

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People keep tellin me to put it in God's hands but I'm tired of hurting :(

MzConfused | on Apr 07, 2010

The waiting is the hardest part. When you decide to trust the Lord in Faith, you need to Wait on the Lord in Patience & Prayer. His Timing is not our own, so sometimes this can take longer than we would like.
I will pray for you that you receive the Counsel from God that you so desire... that one way or the other you would know His Will in your situation. I pray for you to have a courageous heart as you are waiting.
May you be Blessed with Peace in Christ Jesus.

Praying4Victory | on Apr 07, 2010

I really do appreciate that. Thanks a lot!

MzConfused | on Apr 07, 2010

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