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I am still depressed n stressed out. Prayer doesnt seem 2 be workn 4 me right na. Ive asked GOD 2 please restore my relationship with my ex n it doesnt seem 2 be workn. We've both said some mean and hurtful things 2 eachotha n both of our feelings are hurt. I need a sign as to know whether i should move on or not give up on him. I prayed n asked GOD 2 send me a great man n he was who i got. He says our relationship is over so what should i do? Should i move on and never look back or should i just give us some time and let time wrk things out 4 us? Either way i'm still hurt cause i miss him dearly. Any advice or suggestions anyone? Please help me....

by blessd

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God always answers prayers, he just does it in his own timing...have patience & faith

pray, thank, never worry | on Apr 02, 2010

In time you will heal. If it is meant to be God will find a way. I know it's hard now but it does get better. Time heals the heart. Cracks will still be there but have faith.

A$hl3igh | on Apr 02, 2010

Thank him in your heart for the one you really want is on his way to you. The one that is gone could be the one on his way but until you adopt this more pleasing thought, you will remain stuck in grief. Know the he you want is near and don't hold onto the one who turned away. It's not a game, it's the truth. The sooner you do this, the sooner your blessing will come to you.

4m¥d€€d$ | on Apr 02, 2010

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