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I am very grateful and thankful 2 God for wakn my family and I on this lovely Easter Sunday. I realize that this is the day u sacrificed your son for us. I know i havent been the best person in the world lately and might not be deserving of your blessings but God please restore my relationship. I love and miss him soo much and he says he loves me but he is not here. I prayed for GOD to send me someone special that would never hurt or leave me and he was who I got so why am i hurting now and why is he gone? I need guidance because i am soo lost and confused...if he loves me like he say he does, why isnt he here? I feel like our relationship was meant to be and i dont know what to do...should i move on and let go or just have faith that he'll come back? Please someone anyone help me i need your advice, suggestions, or prayers...please help

by blessd

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Just went through this same thing,the hardest thing to do but is i believe the only way to handle this is just put the relationship in his hands.If you need to email me [email hidden from spammers]

Anonymous | on Apr 04, 2010

Thanks...sure will do!

blessd | on Apr 04, 2010

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