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Dear heavenly father, thank you for waking me on today with a sound mind. Im in day 5 of my fast and i feel fine hunger wise. I must admit there is alot of on again off agaqin tears BUT i am sure this is apart of my recovery process. I have prayed for Jamal and my marriage and for you to soften his heart and lead him back into your arms soooo many times. Now its time for me to let go and believe you, to believe that your will is going to be done. Whether we stay together or divorce your will must be done. I cant say my heart is ready to be without him because i love him and my family is the most important thing to me. It just seems as though we have grown in two different directions and i know your intentions for me is not the way things are. I love you lord and as i go through this 20 day fast my miracle expectancy grows higher. As you strenghten me and my faith i grow excited to see the manifistations that youve already done in my life. I sense that it is time for me to come out of this long storm ive been in. Im ready to step into my shift of season and be the new woman youve destined me to be. Im ready lord to stand for you, your kingdom, my family and my community but first you must give me a platform. Im receive my financial blessing that has been held up, i receive my new car this week, my new house next month and the success of my business! Lord keep me in your perfect peace over the remainder of my fast, give me strenghth, mercy, gratitude, favor, a healthy body, a sound mind, motivation in all that i do. Thank you lord for makin a way out of NO way! Thank you for the money coming this week to close out Cashaes last semester bill so her finqancial aid will kick in. Thank you for her returning to college on time April 5th with a paid monthly parking pass and enough hours at work for gas and food. Thank you lord for clearing all my debts and making sure i owe no man at the completion of 2010. Thank you for removing those out of my life who add nothing to your will. Thank you for qadding those who will assist in achieving the growth of your kingdom. Thank you for my leaders and teachers of your word. Have mercy on all those who consider themselves my enemy, have mercy on my husband and let him experience joy again in his life. Thank you for long life in my mothers and my grandmothers and my stepfather may they all live long enough to enjoy the benefits of your blessings in my life lord. I pray for all my friends and extended family may the be blessed and all my prayer warriors who pray for me i say love on them lord and let 2010 be a true testimony of your goodness and ability to do all things. I challenge you lord to turn jamal around, turn this marriage around and let us be reunited as one before you with a new respect for you, love and eachother in jesus name amen.

by tashaproduces

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I am happy for you,I wish and pray for my blessing,but my faith is weak,and I want to give up,I have nothing not even a bed I sleep on a mattress but I. Am trying to stay strong,because I am going threw ső much that it seem like a bad dream,but it is good to hear that someone life is being blessed,take care

ms.c | on Mar 21, 2010

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