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Dear heavenly father, i havent talked to you in quite some time but i know that you are forever present in my life and i thank you for grace and mercy that you provide me with every second of every day. Lord you already know the situation my family is facing and we need you so badly right now. Our household is not aligned the way you would have it be according to your biblical word. The head of our house is sick his condition has worsened to the point he has been going outside of our marriage, lying and just not really taking car of himeself. The devil is really trying to rob this family of its unity, peace and is basically trying to kill the head of the house. Jamal needs you lord and im standing in the gap as his wife asking you to show yourself in his life because he is dying without you. Lord you said faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains well my faith in your ability to change things is far greater then a mustard seed so im believeing you for supernatural intervention. Not only am i affected by this but our children are suffering at the hands of the dads choices. Father he has been living out of your sheild of protection practicing the 5%er stuff but enough is enough i bind that, i bind the spirts that are tormenting him, i command the devil to loose his hold on my husbands mind, heart, soul and bind generational curses, lord remove the desires from Jamals heart that are not of you. Remove Shaneeda, Mugeed, all outside enfluences that are not pleasing to you. Send this family back a man of god, someone who has the fear of the lord in him, who respects himself and his family, a honest, compassionate, loving patient, kind man. I bind the spirit of confusion, jealousy, envy, greed, laziness, lack, poverty. I loose love, joy, peace into my husbands spirit. God you said you would not loose even one so im calling you on your word. Save my husband Jamal, raise up his dead spirit and show your love as a father should. Forgive him lord and show him what uncontional love and forgiveness really is. Love is the greatest most powerful gift that you've given us so im leaning on you to change things lord. I know there is nothing to hard for you so i pray that it is you will for our families restoration. Thank you lord in Jesus name amen

by tashaproduces

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HAJ | on Oct 22, 2010

Amen keep your faith and stay strong in the name of Jesus let the lord enter your husbands heart as well as your house sometimes all you can do is pray and that's all you can do in the name of Jesus I pray that you see a change don't lose hope keep your faith and wait on the lord you will be in my prayers. Iknow how your feeling in the name of Jesus I rebuke all the pain the devil is trying to impact on your household he will have no victory because it belongs to our farther I pray that you stay strong keep your faith know that God has the power to show your husband who's God

Anonymous | on Oct 22, 2010

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