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I have a wonderful praise report. My sister was admitted to the hospital on March 19th because she had became septic. She got the strain of staph called mrsa and it had built up a mass on her heart valve that goes to her lungs and the infection was through out her body. . It was so bad that the doctors were telling us to start planning her funeral and that she had 24 hrs to live. . There's a lot more to tell but long story short, we told the doctors no we are not giving up, that Jesus will save her if it's His will.. well, we prayed really hard, had everyone we know praying and on March 29th the infection was gone!!! We're praising the Lord for healing her & for bringing her closer to Him.. Thank you Jesus!!!!!! All the glory goes to the Lord!!!

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Amen! That is a wonderful testimony! God bless

Heavenly_daughter | on Apr 25, 2013

Praise The Lord. I will continue to pray for you and your family

God is Amazing! | on Apr 25, 2013

God her I know what MRSA is I have had it before I never thought being a paramedic that I would have gotten it even when we take the greatest precautions but I thank God that he healed your sister God bless you and your family in my thoughts and prayers .

Paramedic who cares | on Apr 25, 2013

Thank you so much for taking this time to post your Praise Report!

May it build faith in all who read it and everyone to whom you speak of it.

Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ for this true miracle of healing.

In general, MRSA is NOT something that just disappears even many times with antibiotics!

It is so awesome and your family's love for one another really touches me.

Please pray for my family. My only sister and I are in our forties and she does not get along with me. (No matter how I tried) She is not a Christian.

My folks are getting old and it is the same with them.

All these years, I have been praying. Perhaps, I really have come to believe it to have been selfish prayers for them to want to love and not reject me ...more than for their salvation...and I tell the Lord I know that is wrong of me but when I continue to pray I believe it is because of myself and wanting us to be a family.

Please pray for unity in my family, reconciliation, forgiveness, repentance, restoration, and salvation.

I pray all of this in Jesus' name.

God\'s Grace | on Apr 25, 2013

thank.yall for commenting & I'll be praying for each one of yall. My sister & my mom are not too kind to me, well that's putting it nicely. if you look at my other prayers, you can see I've been struggling with them and my flesh battling my spirit. on top of the stress they put me under,they ask tthings of me that makes me take time away from my family, which really gets to me. My five year old notices it too and its so sad that she wants her grandma & aunt to move because they are asking too much of me. that's why I have gotten so sick. I've been taking care of them & neglecting myself and my family. I don't like harboring these feelings against them but it's hard not to when they are constantly talking bad about my husband and me to my dad, trying to turn my dad against us. long story short, their actions tell me they are incredibly selfish and my own dad says how they are only out for themselves. I guess I just need prayers for strength, guidance, & for me to get over this sickness and to stop smoking asap. I' ppraying for yall & thanks for the prayers, they are greatly appreciated and needed!

MrsHall07 | on Jun 25, 2013

I wrote the wrong date, the infection left my sister's body on the 26 th, exactly 7 days afterwards. the mrsa was everywhere except her brain & bowels so it was definitely Jesus that took the infection away. especially since they were saying she only had a day to live, then 2 days and then when the infection was gone, all the doctors that had told us to start planning her funeral, all they could.say was that this was amazing. I told, this is a miracle.. thank yall for the prayers! feel free to share this praise report!

MrsHall07 | on Jun 25, 2013

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