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This is a true testamoney. I am married to someone i never knew. Five years ago my husband wept me off my feet. We married planned our lives and set goals. Our first goal was a one year goal. We tripeld the goal in six months. After seven perfect months, he made a rukuss and disappeared for three days. I was so devasteted, that I covered all my windows with blinds closed and hammered quilts to the windows. I hid under my covers in bed in shock for three whole days. I couldnt figure out what had happened. When he finally came home I was so happy that the lord had heard my prayors and he was safe and alive sooooo, in that of a poor choice I continued my marriage. Three years later, and numerous excuses from him and his entire family of telling me that it was just his anger problem. I discovered that he had been relapsing, running hiding, doing drugs, cocaine, crack, leud and lecivious acts as well as many unknown. His suicide attempts were numorous, on the news three times over, jumped off a tower forty five feet, air lifted saved and continued this cycle for over five years in our relationship but over thirty eight years of his own life. He beat up my sons, tackled me, head butted me, shook me, held me and my son hostage many times, left me for dead,then abandoned me altogether four years out of five. As I tetafied before the lord finally stepped in put a 911 call as a witness to the day he again attempted to hurt me after a three week drug binge. I was asked to testafy against him, but the lord didnt allow me to endure that pain yet this man has now come against me and has pulled my home modification for the third time intocourt for foreclosure. Out of spite. God pls give this man a spirit of repentance. I really feel sorry and ask you lord to forgive him for he knows not what he does. Lod I ask in JEsus mighty name to safe me, my children, my home all for your name sake. Your word says your word will not return void. Your seed would never beg for bread. Noweapon formed against your children shall prosper. You are our sheild, rock and fortrust. Hide us lord from the enemy under the shadow of your wings. Renew our strength as we follow in your precepts. Allow us not to be tempted to seek vengence but instead to wait for you are a just god. You lead the rightgious and put the wicked to shame. Covers us JEsus with your precious blood.. disburse legends of angel, giant angels for our protection. Lord your r our beginning and our end. The god of all. I come before u asking, suplicating, praising, singing and rejoicing for answered prayor. We serve a holy god that is soverign and infinate to see us through. We profess that without u nothing is possible but with you all thins are possible.lord in jeus mighty powerful name in authority of you, I ask that you move on our behalf. Cynthia, tessie, jorge, jason, sunshine and that my home wich is your home is saved. Amen!

by CG saved by grace, blessed by mercy.I st

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If you are nor save with him, get to safety first then continue prayer. Get you and the children to a safe place. God loves you.

Lincoln | on Feb 05, 2010

Stay strong don't give up my prayers are with you. Be blessed

Daddys Diamond | on Feb 05, 2010

Hold the word FAITH close to ur heart! Jesus will fight for you and is always right by ur side!! Ur in my prayers!!! Jesus LOVES u with a compassion:)

kylie:):)<>< | on Mar 01, 2010

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