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Lord I will admit that I dont fully comprehend why my husband cant and wont change his will. Despite you saving him time and time again from suicide, drugs, alcohol, brain surgery, back surgery and gambleing. In ten months after removal from our home for hurting me he continues to burst out in anger, rage and doesnt understand nor feels your will, mercy and grace. I have stood still in you, but was abused, abandoned, falsely,accussed and jailed, released by a retracted statement and soon to go to trail against my own husband. I just dont get it. Lord I know that all this brought me closer to you. It made me hear and see your will in my life. You saved me. Sheltered me and sustained me. When he left me for dead and told my son to go to his room, you restored my leg and I walked again. You healed me. Lord my GOd and father I love you, praise you. I behold your holy name and stand in testamony of your commitment to protect your children. Amen

by CG saved by grace, blessed by mercy.I st

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Some of the things god puts us through are to tell like this, telling people your story brigs people to believe in it

brittany wynn | on Jan 12, 2010

You are not alone. . Stay strong and in the Spirit. . Its about you and God now and you will find comfort in Him

BLESSED IN TEXAS .. [email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 12, 2010

God is gonna use you for the building of his kingdom.. you was fortunate enough to know his promises and praise God but there are so many souls that don't. Your testimony alone can help draw lost women in a similar situation. You are not going though this for you but for him to use you to save others. God is still a good God in a bad situation..

ce-ce | on Jan 12, 2010

That's what I just said

Anonymous | on Jan 12, 2010

God bless u.

Rena | on Jan 12, 2010

Thank you everyone. May lord bless you.

CG saved by grace, blessed by mercy.I stand in agreement lor | on Jan 12, 2010

FAITH!! your a termendus person!!! Look and pray for signs!!

kylie:):)<>< | on Mar 01, 2010

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