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Jesus I started writing this with the goal to create the perfect prayer, one that everyone would pray for. But as the words appeared on the screen I realized how foolish that goal was and instead decided to just post this little though as it was.

by ForeverLostInTheDarkness

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You remind me so much of my son and what you are doing enteraining evil spirits is very dangerous business

Blessed1 in ks | on Feb 01, 2010

What was wrong with this prayer? You should see my other ones. Then let it be my buisness. Leave me alone here to die with my demons and your son. Throw us in the pit together and end our suffering and dark painful journey

ForeverLostInTheDarkness | on Feb 01, 2010

U walked away from temptation and I think that's amazing. We have all been fools before, but it's really hard to walk away from being foolish. If only Satan could leave us alone. But we have to learn to be strong so we can walk away like you have. Good job!!!!!

GodsGirl | on Feb 04, 2010

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