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My dad sucks and i hate him!!


by Anonymous

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Please tell me why so I can help???

GodsGirl | on Jan 23, 2010


WonderfullyMade | on Jan 23, 2010

He's the reason I cut. As soon as he comes home, I grab the knife. He treats my mom like dirt. He lies all the time about every thing. He spends all the money and gives my mother nothing for groceries etc.

Anonymous | on Jan 23, 2010


Anonymous | on Jan 23, 2010

Hating is not the answer, it's the trick of the fool that works against the Highest power in the universe. Pray for a change in your father, pray that you can forgive and pray for your mothers strength. And if you read the Holy Word and find out the wonderful life God wants u to have you might begin to feel better about yourself and stop cutting. Anything is possible.

Worshiper | on Jan 23, 2010

I've been faithful. For years as a child I prayed that God "would give daddy a new heart" but He never did and "daddy " never changed.

darknessabides | on Jan 23, 2010

Don loose your faith!!!!!!!! God does all things for a reason!! He is there and he loves you!!!!! You don't no the reason but therebis one read your bible every night it builds your faith.

Anonymous | on Jan 23, 2010

if you try to lession jesus well tell you what to do remmber you are not fighting flash and bood but a spirt get some olive oil put your right hand over it and pray the load pr when he is not home with your finger touch the oil but fust put a littel on your forheard get on your knee.s dont pray out in your mind an heart at frust when you see thing starting to get better then speak remmber jesus is holy with the oil he will answer you belive

Anonymous | on Jan 23, 2010

put on every thing arould the house it will work

Anonymous | on Jan 23, 2010

U will whant a relashinship with him one day and u don't hat u just probuly don't like what he dus I wood under stand I have the samethang with my mom and my dad has bin there for ever unlike my mom I hope god helps u

one of jesus angels  | on Jan 24, 2010

I no what u r saying win I lived whith my mom I did the same thang but there is abeter way of takeing care of that have u tryed telling your mom I did with my dad and I got help it's not easy but I know u can as far as your dad go to a bff house and try to stay away from all that please tell me what happins

one of jesus angels  | on Jan 24, 2010

If u r bin abused u need to tell someone so nuthing bad happins I'm 16 how old r u sweete

Anonymous | on Jan 24, 2010

Hey darknessabides. How's it been going since my last comment?

Anonymous | on Jan 25, 2010

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