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I'm broken lord and I'm at your mercy. What's bad is the lies being told about me, the fact my wife keeps my child as an emotional hostage, the fact she never remembers all the hateful rotten things she has said about me and to me and accused me of. She says she tried but never have I seen her pray for us. She won't pray with me for or for us and she wont council or seek help. She is bipolar but refuses to take her medication and yet she continues to lie about me and to me and here I am praying for us and knowing I'm the better person for doing so. What is the result of my suffering lord, why must I pay for the lies told about me and why must we suffer with out our child in our daily lives. She keeps Rachel and uses my child she constantly threatens me and uses the system to her advantage and I've been simply a victim of control and to the point of her almost destroying me lord. Yet she says it's my fault. What ever I've been accused of has been done to me by her and it's a sickness. Lord to be a Christian does not mean life will be easy. I understand this. I'm even aware and ok with this. But lord after 5 years of being abused arrested and lied to and simply exploited for being a man who prays and trys, I don't know how much more can I tale lord and how much longer will you allow this insanity. I don't understand why you allow this women who I love and who has used me so many times as a torture device to get away with this. When will you help her lord when can I see my child and when will dome resolution and answers come. I pray constantly and I spiritually council 4/6 hrs a week trying to make since to find peace to understand and I'm screaming and dying inside lord I ache for my wides wellness my Childs attention and to be loved as much as I love them. Please don't leave me here confused lord and with no results or resolutions in sight. I need a miracle lord and only you can perform this. My council says nothing happens over night. I say that's wrong, miracles do happen over night lord and I'm slipping. Please help my family lord. In Jesus name amen.

by Robbie Embry

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