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Dear lord please help my wife and I with our marriage. We are separated now and have been for almost 2 months. I haven't seen my daughter Rachel since then and I miss them so much lord. Help Ruth and I and we invite the holy spirit into our lives so that you may guide us and reunite us. Lord I was not a very good husband. I put my work my child and my own desires before you before Ruth and before everyone. Lord you should have been my anchor and I should have chosen you to guide me than myself and my fleshly desires. Ruth and I had addictions and baggage we both brought to this marriage and I was so unaware of my responsibilities as a husband and father. Lord I know now that life is not posable with out you in control of our marriage. I know that only you can guide us and that we can and will only find peace with you as lord and father of our lives. Lord I ask that you help my wife to heel from the pain I've caused her and the heart ache and disappointment she has for me. I've failed her lord as a husband and I never wanted or meant for that to be the case. Lord we feel so much pain with out her and with out my daughter. Our lives are short lord but long lived and through your grace I ask you bring us together and allow us a chance we may not deserve but dearly would love to have. My whole life it's been about me and my fleshly needs and we understand it's a spiritual realm and a covenant relationship together as one with you. Lord Ruth and I are both Christians but we never understood to importance of our roles as husband and wife. I did not do as a good husband should have done. I shut down emotionally and just gave up. Everything was an argument a struggle and so difficult. Our addictions were one of many of our problems and mostly not seeking you as a light in our harbor was our biggest mistakes. Lord I have faith in your judgement your will for Ruth and I. Please bring us together and give us an opportunity to be the example of Christian marriage as husband and wife. We love our child, and we want so much more for her. Please lord I feel so selfish asking you for so much when I've taken so many oppertunitys to fail you. Lord I will not let you down regardless of your decision for us. I'm confident in the mere fact you are a god of mercy and that you offer and fulfill our hearts desires. I can only continue to ask and pray for my family as I should have done all along. We will be a better man a better husband and a better father if you find it within your grace to allow me the opportunity to do what we should have done from the beginning. It's in your sons name that pray to you lord. Amen.

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