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Lord please watch over my wife and children during our marriage separation. Lord I miss them and live them and I ask you help my wife, Ruth's heart to heal from the pain in our marriage. Lord I have failed up to this point as a husband, but never understood my true obligations. You should have been first lord and my wife second and my children there after. I was selfish lord and put my flesh patterns first and what a mistake it was. Lord I ask you bring us together and that we become a vessel for your glory and a model of what marriage with Christ should be like. Please help all the fathers and husbands and wives who struggle in the relationship with one another and with you lord. Bring them together and allow them to rest with you. Please help all those with addictions and with jealousy and anger and frustration in there lives. Allow them to give it all up to you lord. You are the light in my harbor and my council as well as my rock when I need a foundation. I want to thank you for the spiritual council I'm receiving from darrah Jackson my father and mother and I ask that you continue to send the holy spirit into my life so that I may continue to be taught. Lord please do miracles in Ruth's life so we can come back to you together, I miss my children and it feels like it's been forever since I've seen them. Lord I believe and have faith that you will do what's best for us in your time and that will truly answer our hearts desires. In Jesus name we pray lord. Amen

by Robbie Embry

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We live with hard tests everyday. Take a moment and look at the big picture "what if..." Life is not a dress rehearsal, love, pray, laugh and live. I wish you the best! Prayers.

PraytoGOD | on Mar 04, 2012

Thank you four comment and advice. I believe battles are won with prayers and I thank you for you prayers and support. Sincerely Robbie

Robbie Embry | on Mar 05, 2012

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