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Lord I hate him I hate him I hate him he's got this bad temper when I catch him doing wrong things bcos it's true and he's way of getting out of it is by yelling at me or telling me right away what have I put on this table for many years, he says taking care of our daughter is not a hard job compare to his.. when we argue bcos of him doing wrong things is bcos he knows is true.. sometimes lord I wonder if he still loves me or he's just forced to be with me.. I'm good to him and love him, he's nice to me but I don't know if he loves me.. Lord help me I don't know what to feel or do.. I feel so numb now bcos he does what he does he's got a black heart towards his love for me.. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh forgive me Lord if im being wrong to him ;(

by HR

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Its a good thing you have someone to talk to which is the lord, he won't leave you, he loves you, he knows it all, he knows what to do at the appointed time....don't stop trusting him the lord is always faithful

beautiful heart | on Jan 25, 2010

thank you ------beautiful heart------>>>.. God Bless you !!!!

Anonymous | on Jan 25, 2010

You are not wrong for thinking that way. You are human. You seem like a devoted wife and loving mother. Do not let adversity hide the shine our lord pushes through us. I doubt very much that Christ would let one of his children roam around in the dark begging for His precence. Have faith in his love and trust all things will come to completion with Him in your heart. Be the best wife and mother your body can hold and face the world with your heart on your hand and a smile on your face. Know that when all else seems to have failed, Jesus loves you. He always will.

Will4God | on Jan 25, 2010

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