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Dear Father,

Lord everyday I struggle through my studies. I know Lord that i've taken this Nursing Exam couple of times and the reason why I haven't given up is bcos of u. I know Lord God that you are with me everyday and you're giving me another chance to study harder so I can pass the Board and I know in my Heart that I can. But Lord I struggle everyday to study i feel like a failure and I don't want that to happen I don't want the devil to win. With you Lord I can defeat the devil, so I ask you Lord to help me to read and focus on questions thAt I need to prepare me for this next test. I don't want to fail again Lord. Help me and teach me to be a Good Nurse..
In Jesus name I Pray.. Amen


by Anonymous

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Have u ever used ATI ? The web site is there great. I am a nurse and the program helped me pass my boards......

Anonymous | on Jan 25, 2010

no I am using this big book I bought that has a disk so I read the book and take the test through disk and I am actually trying to read all questions now bcos Ive never really read and studied hard with the other test that I've taken.. I think that if I finish this disk and study my
weakest area and focus on those I'll pass.. please pray for me bcos I feel hopeless and weak but in my heart I know I can do this through God..
God Bless you %uE41D

HR | on Jan 25, 2010

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