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Please pray for my friend Flor Maria. She has cancer. The doctors said there's nothing else to be done and that chemotherapy will not work because her case is advanced. Her older son was planning to get married next year but due to these sad news he decided to marry in the next days, so she will be able to attend. Please pray for a full health restoration or a peaceful and holy death.

by Veronica PTBC

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I'm not being funny or trying to down u, but we can't be double minded wen we pray. It's either ore not both. Prayers must be direct in wat we want not fluctuating with it. I join in touching and agreeing on her healing. A full restoration of health. In Jesus name I pray. Se'lah

Street Pastor | on Aug 02, 2011

U can pray for whatever ,no wrongful prayers its whatever god has instore his plan, I will pray for your family never know God work in mysterious ways..

Anonymous | on Aug 02, 2011

Thank you for your comment Street Pastor, but unfortunately death happens and will continue to happen until the Son of God comes in glory. I believe God can restore her health, I have seen in my own family wonders and miracles of healing, but what if it is her time? If she dies and I have been praying for health, am I going to think God didn't listen to my prayer? She has been a faithful Christian, she has traveled the world far and wide preaching and bringing hope to many. She has preached the gospel to those who were hopeless, Jesus has used her as a powerful instrument in His hands to bring healing and deliverance to many. So maybe she is ready to meet her Lord. Maybe a full restoration of health is not in God's plan. Because I love her of course I want to see her healthy, and so does her family, but maybe she is already ripe for the Kingdom of Heaven and for what she says she might be ready to hear from the Lord those precious words in Matthew 25:21 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.' So my prayer is not one of distrust in God. I just pray that whatever the outcome is, may God's will be done in my friend's life.

Veronica PTBC | on Aug 02, 2011

God has the last say so but its plenty of stories in the bible where God change the verdict because of prayer of a person connected to Him. I just have da type of faith dat says God change dis verdict for me. But dats just me. But I love all my prayer partners on here so MAY JESUS BLESS U & UR FAMILY. SE'LAH

Street Pastor | on Aug 02, 2011

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